About us

We started PlanCo as alumni of the Futury incubator program in Frankfurt, Germany, 2021, with the vision of a more people-centric corporate culture, where all employees share a sense of belonging and feel appreciated.

We believe that the key to such a strong culture is the option to stay connected with your fellow colleagues as well as with the company offers in terms of benefits. Today this happens mostly on a digital level, especially within large corporations.

Our mission is therefore to guarantee that the digital access to communication and corporate benefits is possible for all employees on a daily basis. That’s why we want to enable companies to empower a so far rather disconnected employee group in these regards, the front line work force. We do so with solutions that acknowledge employees beyond their professional self and consequently can help them with their everyday life challenges. 

Meet the team

Meikel Ribeiro

Meikel Ribeiro

Business Development

He has a background in Engineering & Management and previous experiences in digital transformation projects.

Meikel is our business driver who makes sure that we are on the right track as a team so that you get the best possible result delivered.

When he’s not in the driving tunel, he enjoys to cook and travel around Europe, for instance to visit his home country Portugal.

Aurelia Michel

Aurelia Michel


She has studied different fields of social science, like urban and economic geography and sustainability management.

With her passion for sustainable organizational transformations and work experience in research & community management she is ready to build an awesome sustainable community inside your company.

Her favorite spot to enjoy her free time is always close to mountains and lakes.

Estela San Millán

Estela San Millán


With a background in Project Management and Arts, she is a passionate problem-solver through creative solutions.

She has a passion for human-centered design and enjoys designing intuitive user interfaces paired with consistent visual communication strategies.

When she’s not designing cool interfaces, she’s often found dancing swing around the world.